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How is Thegioiconhantao.com.vn 's maintenance policy after installation

Thegioiconhantao.com.vn will provide free maintenance policy to customer during first year after installation.

Warranty: When you choose Thegioiconhantao.com.vn’ products, you can rest assured because quality aside, we also provide the best warranty policy.

Our warranty policy is followed:

· Installation warranty: During first 12 month after installation, if the field is damaged, Thegioiconhantao.com.vn will be responsible for it. We will repair and re-install for the customer.

· Artificial turf warranty: warranty for artificial turf without being holed or rugged. Warranty time is 3-10 years, depending on the models.


Maintenance is a vital part for keeping the quality of the field. After using for 3-4 years, the fiber will be frizzy and split. In case of high-usage, the rubber granules will emerge out of turf surface. Maintenance is proved to be vital for the investors, because this process will preserve the quality and also prolong the life span of the turf.

Thegioiconhantao.com.vn is a company with long time experience in artificial turf, that’s why we understand how important the maintenance it is. We always look for the best quality, using imported technology from German.

Maintenance artificial turf’s process:

After installation artificial turf, the emerged fibers are usually 1-1.5cm long. By FIFA standard, the fiber’s length is 5cm, sand layer is 1.5-2cm, and the rubber granules’ layer is 1-2.5cm, which is about 5-10kg.

3 months after installation, the sand and rubber granules’ layer will be compressed, that’s why the grass’s fiber will emerge out to be longer than FIFA standard’s. By this time, Thegioiconhantao.com.vn will provide additional rubber granules and use machine to spread them equally over the field.

After a certain time, most of artificial turf field tend to loose rubber granules, because they will stick to the shoes of the players or scatter around. Most of the time, the rubber granules will be swept to the 4 corners of the field due to the rain, and the amount is not small. This will make the amount of rubber granules in the middle to be shallow and not meet FIFA standards; the fiber will be longer than 1.5cm by FIFA standard. We will use machine to maintain the field: spread the rubber granules equally over the field’s surface. If we don’t use machine to spread the rubber granules properly, this will cause the fiber to be damaged, because due to shallow rubber‘s layer, the fiber will emerge out so long that it will be easily damaged, which will result in low quality of the field.

During exploitation’s process, the fiber must be under mechanical action from activity of players, which will cause the fiber to be frizzy and split… And then the fiber cannot cover the rubber granules anymore, which will cause the rubber granules emerge out of the surface.

Thegioiconhantao.com.vn has a periodic maintenance policy, which will improve the capability to exploit to be longer and more stable.

Most of artificial turf fields don’t have a periodic maintenance or they make mistake during maintenance, which will cause the maximum life span to be only 3 years. With our policy, we can prolong the life span of your field to be 10 years at best.

Using artificial turf will save a lot of cost, compared to natural turf. To maximize the performance, the field must be maintained periodically. The maintenance process usually takes 3-6 months after installation, depending on the daily exploitation of the field.

Thegioiconhantao.com.vn has branches all over Vietnam, along with the experienced teams and modern equipment, which was imported from German. We are confident to satisfy your every needs.

Tip for prolonging life span of the artificial turf field

After installation, you can begin to operate the artificial turf field, but to keep the best quality, you have to pay attention:

-          Don’t use steel needle or hard resin shoe (needle shoe should have maximum 14 needles, and shouldn’t be too long or hard).

-          Only use soft needle shoe.

-          Don’t let any heavy weight stuffs, equipment or vehicle trample the field’s surface.

-          Don’t put any heat equipment on the field’s surface.

-          Periodically brush rubber granules, which were swept away.

-          Daily clean the field’s surface.

-          Inform Thegioiconhantao.com.vn if there are any damaged.

To receive the best advice about maintenance policy, please contact us through our hotline 0912.399.904

Thegioiconhantao.com.vn đơn vị cung cấp cỏ nhân tạo số 1 Việt Nam – Hotline: 0912.399.904
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